“Be honest, work hard and never compromise your integrity.”
- Thomas James O’Connell (1934-2006)
We believe in building relationships, maximizing opportunities, empowering clients with industry knowledge, involving family and being a resource every step of the way.




Thanks for visiting our site. Whether you're a professional athlete, or amateur athlete on the verge on signing your first professional contract, partnering with the right sports agency can make all the difference in the world. Our role involves building a relationship with each athlete and to advise them for their public image and also the business side of sports.

Our personalized service always keeps your best interests first. Our team has forged many relationships within the industry, negotiating major contracts and endorsements, and advising them with their best interest in mind. Our invaluable experience within all sports makes us an ideal partner for seasoned professionals, or those just about to take their first professional step.

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